Please Watch These Aussie Celebs Take The Piss Out Of Everyone Trying To Start An Iso-Podcast

"Make some pasta from scratch like everyone else and just shut up."

don't start a podcast

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We know that celebrities banding together to deliver inspiring messages during coronavirus doesn’t always work.

After all, what kind of advice can a bunch of rich celebs really give to the average Joe? But because Australians just love to take the piss out of everything, a bunch of Aussie celebs have banded together to share some very necessary guidance for those trying to ~find themselves~ during quarantine.

The clip comes from ABC’s new comedy-lifestyle show, At Home Alone Together, and pulls heavy hitters like Osher Günsberg, Deborah Mailman, and Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald to deliver a very important message to Australians: Do not start a fucking podcast.

Taking the piss out of all the inspirational videos that celebrities have been pumping out in quarantine, the satirical clip is shot in black and white, and is set to some sad piano instrumentals to drum in the point.

“The greatest gift you can give your fellow human beings right now is to shut the fuck up,” the celebs calmly say to camera.

“You’ve probably already got a USB mic and a spare room ready to go,” the video continues. “And your mate Dave’s got some interesting opinions. But were here to tell you he doesn’t, he really doesn’t. He’s a fuckwit.”

Don’t be like Dave.

While we all might have some extra time on our hands, as these celebs have put it, that isn’t good enough reason to make a podcast. So before you start your True Crime exclusive or your breakdown of every single Parks and Recreation episode, just don’t. Please.

At Home Alone Together is on ABC iView on Wednesday nights.