Everyone Is Roasting Donald Trump Jr. Over His Very Bad Joke About Socialism

Why does he keep doing this?

Donald Trump Jr

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If bad tweets were an art form, Donald Trump Jr. would be Vincent van Gogh. Whether he’s likening refugees to poisoned Skittles or posting horrifying pics of his daddy dressed as Superman, you can always rely on Junior to find that sweet spot between offensive, stupid and just plain bizarre.

Case in point: his attempted joke about teaching his daughter about socialism.

Obviously there are a whole lot of things wrong with this situation, number one being: what kind of raging dickhead ropes their kid into an asinine attempt at political memery? Chloe is getting bullied at school, that’s for damn sure.

But as many people on the internet were quick to point out, Trump’s joke also just… don’t make sense.

Others suggested Trump Jr. take this opportunity to teach his daughter about capitalism instead.

While still others just started making fun of him for the giant fucking typo.

Still, at the end of the day, we all know that Trump Jr. was just having a laff.