Remember When Dominic Perrottet Came In Like A Wrecking Ball?

Happy birthday to the time Dominic Perrottet shared the Sydney buildings he wants to destroy despite no one asking.

Dominic Perrottet on the 10 Sydney buildings he wants to bulldoze including the sirius building

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It’s been a wild few years. Since 2020, we’ve endured floods, an Australian Idol revival, that Will Smith slap, Splendour in the Mud, mouse plagues and several COVID lockdowns. But through all the chaos, one cursed event continues to live in my mind rent-free.

The time that Dominic Perrottet wrote this bizarre article about the ten iconic Sydney buildings he’d love to bulldoze. Thanks for sharing Dom, but we didn’t ask!

So as this cursed piece penned by the current NSW Premier celebrates another birthday, let’s reflect on which of our most cherished Sydney landmarks Perrottet wishes he could pummel to the ground.

First up, Dom came for Blues Point Tower. According to Dom, the only time it’s acceptable is when you’re standing inside it because you can’t see it. Very astute.

He also went in on the Sydney Aquarium because it “looks like they sank a barge-load of shipping containers in Darling Harbour and never bothered to fish them out.” Good to know!

Dom then gets a bit cheeky and goes swinging on “anything brutalist”, saying the divisive but beloved Sirius building and UTS Tower are both high on the ‘would bulldoze’ list. In the words of Perrottet: “brutalism’s time is done”.

Yikes! Take that, brutalism. 

Also: the MLC Centre is a “hate crime against beauty” and the Hospital Road Courthouse is the Annexure’s “ugly twin”.

The MLC Centre Dominic Perrottet wants to bulldoze

(The MLC Centre Dominic Perrottet declares a “hate crime against beauty.” Credit: MLC Centre)

While Dom’s remit is all things NSW, it didn’t stop him from casting his critical eye further afield. Federation Square is apparently akin to a 1990s 3D computer game. Watch out, Melbourne! Dom’s coming for you.

So, you’ve been warned. If any beloved buildings get blown to smithereens, we all know who’s the likely culprit: Dominic Perrottet, the self appointed Kevin McCloud of the Sydney skyline.