Are We Witnessing The Fall Of Doja Cat?

Don’t tell Doja Cat that you love her.

Doja Cat Drama

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Doja Cat, once the darling of the internet, is facing intense backlash from her fans after she lashed out at them several times on Threads. Are we witnessing the start of her downfall? Perhaps. But maybe that’s what she wants. 

If you’ve seen a lot of conversation happening around Doja Cat online as of late, you might be confused about where it’s coming from and what exactly Doja has done to anger so many fans. So buckle up and let’s unpack it together. 

July 9, 2023: Doja Cat’s New Boyfriend Is Called Out On Twitter (X now, I guess)

ViralMaterialz posted paparazzi photos of Doja Cat kissing Twitch Streamer J. Cyrus. One user, Emma Incontro, replied to the Tweet accusing J. Cyrus of being “a master manipulator, abuser, and liar.”

When asked to elaborate on what she meant, Emma alleged that J. Cyrus sexually manipulated and lied to his moderators and viewers. “When confronted and called out, he quit streaming and blocked his victims”.

July 21, 2023: Doja Cat Is Called Out For Blocking Users Calling Out Her BF

It took a few days, but the heat started picking up for Doja Cat after it was revealed that she had blocked a number of fans who called her out for dating J. Cyrus. More people started to accuse Cyrus of allegedly emotionally abusing a number of women who were moderators of his Twitch streams. One user Sophie — who was blocked by Doja Cat — alleged that Cyrus had “abused” and “taken advantage” of different women. She then went on to say that Cryus was in her and “other minors at the time dms”.

Then one of her Instagram fans said this: “girl everyone unstanning you even if you paint yourself gold it won’t make things better.” 

Doja did not take it well. 


She then went on to call them “miserable hoes”, which fans didn’t take lightly. 

Doja Cat continued to block people and a few days later… 

July 24, 2023: Doja Tells Fans To Get A Job 

Things reached boiling point between Doja Cat and her fans after she had a go at them for calling themselves “Kittenz”. It’s not the first fandom to name themselves. We have Barbz for Nicki Minaj fans, Lambs for Mariah Carey, and the notorious Swifties for Miss Taylor herself. Normally, artists don’t get too hot and bothered about their fandoms giving themselves names. Sometimes they even lean into the names. However, Doja Cat wasn’t having a bar of it. 

“My fans don’t name themselves shit. If you call yourself a “kitten” or fucking “kittenz” that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house,” she said on Threads. Ouch.

She wasn’t done. When a fan said they wanted to hear Doja say she loved them, Doja replied, “I don’t though cuz I don’t even know y’all.” 

This one stung the fans and some responded by suggesting that Doja somehow owed them because she’d be “nothing without us.” Doja didn’t agree with this sentiment, saying that nobody forced them to be fans of her. 

This back and forth became too much for Doja Cat, who proceeded to deactivate her Threads account. 

Some die hard fans rushed to Doja’s defence, insisting that the controversy may have been a publicity stunt for her upcoming album and single – and that Doja was performing as her new persona “Scarlet”. Things got even more confusing when Doja posted the lyrics to The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror (Reflect What You Are)” on Instagram. 

So was this all a stunt? What message was she trying to send? Who knows.

What we do know is that fans have had enough. Massive Doja Cat fan accounts had already started to deactivate. It was a big day for Doja Cat fans. 

July 25, 2023: Charli XCX Gets Involved, For Some Reason

There’s not much to say about this one other than Charli XCX tweeted saying, “Doja Cat’s being so grumpy!” Not sure why she felt the need to get involved but slay, I guess. She then said that her account was “hacked”.

July 26, 2023: Doja Cat Loses Over 200,000 Followers 

Since all of the drama started, Doja Cat has now lost over 200,000 followers on Instagram, according to Billboard. Fan pages also continued to delete their accounts on X and Instagram and others are selling their Scarlet Tour tickets. 

The Internet Speaks 

Because the internet must find humour in every situation, there have been quite a few funny tweets (I refuse to call them Xs) so I thought I would share a few for you. 

Please don’t tell Doja that you love her. 

Seriously, don’t tell her. 

And anyway it’s all part of the strategy?

Only time will tell…

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Image credit: Grizz Lee / RCA Records