This Disaster Event Just Made Fyre Festival Look Like A Walk In The Park


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Mud: it’s an unfortunate, yet totally unavoidable, part of the music festival experience.

Most of the time, a pair of gumboots and an ability to sidestep large puddles will get you out of trouble. But sometimes, Mother Nature unleashes a hellish mudpit so bad that not even the toughest of festival-goers can solider on — as punters at UK festival Y Not found out over the weekend.

The Northern England festival site was hammered by torrential rain for a number of days leading up to the event, quickly turning the grounds into a slippery, disgusting, mudhole of doom.

Headliners The Vaccines had their set cancelled on the Friday, told by organisers that it “wasn’t safe”, while other acts were reportedly forced to play under gazebos on stage in order to stay dry.

Eventually, the conditions got so bad that Y Not pulled the plug, stating that the “adverse weather conditions” had made it impossible to continue safely.

#ynotfestival what a disaster. But definitely fun in a #hilux #ynot #muddy #bfgoodrich #trucklife #offroad

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“The safety of our guests, performers and crew is our primary concern and the potential risk was too severe for Sunday to go ahead,” organisers said in a statement. “We are very sorry for the disappointment and disruption caused to everyone who was looking forward to the final day of the festival.”

But according to some attendees, Y Not’s problems weren’t only the result of bad weather:

“Many tents robbed; rampaging underage drinkers; so many kids on drugs,” Instagram user beanswell wrote. “Designated family areas with no one to supervise who camps in them. Disaster of a VIP area; no campsite security posts whatsoever; plenty of mud — the good squishy sticky deep stuff — changing all of the set times and moving acts around without sticking up a couple of signs to let anyone know.”

Looks like Fyre Festival has just been given a run for its money. Have a look at just what hell on earth looks like below.

Oh dear Y Not Festival – we were all good to go for another day – but we were living in the relative luxury of the camper van fields and not in the swamp with everyone else. The lack of security and general not giving a shit was previously part of this little local festivals charm, walking in with cans stuffed in every pocket whilst your security turn a blind eye has always been most convenient. Maybe if you’d thought of buying in some wood chippings and chucked a few ton of it around the joint after the first night of rain you wouldn’t be in such a pickle now. Perhaps having a sound system which was loud enough for a field full of people to be able to hear the music? Many tents robbed, rampaging underage drinkers, so many kids on drugs, designated family areas with no one to supervise who camps in them, disaster of a VIP area, no campsite security posts whatsoever, plenty of mud; the good squishy sticky deep stuff, changing all of the set times and moving acts around without sticking up a couple of signs to let anyone know. I could go on. We had a ball however, we’ve been through worse, we’ve spent 5 days at Glastonbury on similar terrain. But now we’re home, Ynot is cancelled, getting out of the carparks is chaos, one poor steward bloke stood in the mud by the gate trying his best to manage the traffic. Well meaning festival goers taking down fences so that we have some grass to drive on. We were lucky and got out onto concrete in 20 minutes partly due to walking the route before moving the van and finding the best way out, and partly due to my superior campervan mud driving skills. Moral of the story is, if I ever say to you “let’s all go to this great festival – it’ll be fun” don’t listen to me! I am a liar!! #ynot #ynotfestival #ynot17 #ynot2017 #summeriscoming #mudiscoming #shitstorm #mud #muddy #mudfestival #traffic #steward #rain #weather #cancelled

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Anyone fancy a little push ? #destruction #ynot #ynot2017 #ynotfestival #mud #festival #muddy

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Article image via @Bensgraham Twitter