Please Enjoy Devolver Digital’s Totally Bizarre And Frankly Unhinged E3 2019 Press Conference

E3 2019 Devolver Digital Press Conference

“We can’t say we even know what we are doing anymore,” Devolver Digital announced. “But at least we’re trying to have some fun.”

In the world of E3 press conferences, one company stands alone. And no, I don’t mean EA running its own show just down the road. Devolver Digital’s announcements are best described as completely ridiculous and outlandishly hyper-violent.

“The Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference 2019 continued the Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference Cinematic Universe (DDE3PCCU) and the senseless and revered violence that comes with modern-day E3 video game marketing events,” Devolver explained.

Look, there’s no Universally Adored Keanu Reeves, but this might be the best worst thing you’ll see come out of E3 2019. The games aren’t bad, either. Announcements included everything from a massively multiplayer party game, to a collection of original rip-off bootlegs, to a legitimate arcade-light gun game. Of course.

Fall Guys

Devolver Bootleg


Enter The Gungeon

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