“He’s An Utter Dick”: David Leyonhjelm Was Dragged Even More On Last Night’s ‘Q&A’

"That's the only way you can call it."

This Monday night on the ABC proved to be something of an one-two against NSW Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm. After Virginia Trioli roasted him on 7:30, this week’s Q&A panellists added a few more burns.

To catch you up to speed: Leyonhjelm is currently refusing to apologise for his comments in parliament last Thursday, in which he told Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to “stop shagging men”.

He’s refused to retract the remark, framing it as a response to Hanson-Young’s “misandrist” statement ‘to the effect of’ that all men are rapist, though he has no proof she ever said that. Meanwhile, Sky News has suspended a producer for broadcasting the comments.

While interviewing Leyonhjelm, 7.30 guest host Trioli pulled at his argument’s many loose threads, which more or less imploded on live television as he refused to back down.

Two hours later, Leyonhjelm’s comments were discussed by Q&A’s panel, which consisted of Cory Bernardi, comedian Corey White, The Saturday Paper Editor-In-Chief Erik Jensen, Liberal MP Sarah Henderson, and Labor MP Catherine King.

An audience member asked Bernardi about his recent political alliance with Leyonhjelm in wake of his latest comments. Bernardi was reluctant to give a straight answer, but when pressed by guest host Hamish McDonald, conceded that he personally would apologise.

But it was King’s short-and-sweet comment that garnered applause both in the audience and online.

“I think David Leyonhjelm has been a complete and utter dick, that’s the only way you can call it,” King said. “He absolutely has. So, frankly, I think he should absolutely apologise.”

“Women are sick and tired of waiting for men to call out this behaviour, and Corey, I would have liked to see you do that just now. We need you to call these things out as they happen.”

In response, Bernardi cried hypocrisy by citing Hanson-Young’s own “revolting” comments — while neglecting to say what they were.

Henderson agrees with King that Leyonhjelm and says parliamentarians “should treat each other with mutual respect” but told King she “didn’t like the name calling”.

Rounding out the discussion, White called Leyonhjelm’s comments “repugnant”, while Jensen landed the last burn.

“Libertarianism is a stone’s throw from stupidity, but this is something is a hell of a way from there,” Jensen said. “This is a kind of broken logic in a broken politics.”

Compared to Trioli’s roast, the comments are more of a slow burn — but it’s definitely still fun to watch. Catch the moments below, or watch the full episode here, which included discussions on penalty rate cuts and Australia’s foster care.