Daniel Andrews Has Invited Peter Dutton Out To Dinner In Melbourne

Imagine the dinner conversation.

Yesterday Victoria’s top cop ridiculed Peter Dutton for his comments claiming people in Melbourne were so scared of gangs they were refusing to go out to dinner, and now Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has heaped more criticism on Dutton for his absurd remarks.

Last week Dutton said “people are scared to go out to restaurants at night time because they are followed home by these gangs”, referring to the so-called “African gang crisis”. Even after Melburnians called him out for his nonsense, he repeated the comments in another interview this week.

The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Graham Ashton, yesterday ripped into Dutton’s comments, describing them as “complete and utter garbage”.

At a press conference day Daniel Andrews said Dutton’s comments were “designed to be controversial and get a rise out of people”. He went to say Dutton was “welcome to come for dinner at many of the fine restaurants we have right across our state”.

Andrews also threw some shade at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has been a fierce critic of the Victorian government’s handling the imaginary crisis. He pointed out that the PM had not mentioned the issue once in the “four or five” direct conversations the two political leaders had last year.

Dutton Is Back On His Bullshit

Even though Dutton has been pretty thoroughly schooled by the police, he hasn’t stopped commenting on the gang issue. In an interview with Adelaide radio station FIVEaa (only a few of Dutton’s interviews so far have actually been with the Melbourne media), he attacked the Victorian judiciary and re-iterated his criticisms of Andrews.

“Mr Andrews has, I think, a lot of deep thinking to do, to firstly apologise to the people of Victoria for the mistakes that he’s made which has led to the resulting violence that has taken place,” Dutton said.

He went on to say Andrews was living in a “parallel universe”.

It’s worth pointing out at this point that Andrews, unlike Dutton, actually lives in Melbourne. As does Graham Ashton, the police Chief commissioner. The fact that Dutton even has a voice in this conversation is ridiculous, but it’s inevitable since he became the most powerful minister in the federal government.

We might not like what Dutton has to say but because of his enormous power and authority within the government we should get used to it. He’s having a lot of fun.