The Best And Most Chaotic Reactions To Daft Punk Officially Splitting Up

"Daft Punk lyrics that mean a lot to us: 'Around The World'."

daft punk reactions photo

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After 28 years at the forefront of dance music, Daft Punk have officially called it quits.

The Parisian duo — Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — announced their breakup early this morning, in classic Daft Punk style: a video which depicted one the helmeted pair being blown up in a desert.

The breakup brings to an end one of the most influential acts in dance music — their debut album Homework spawned classics like ‘Around The World’, ‘Da Funk’, and ‘Alive’, while their 2001 album Discovery gave rise to ‘One More Time’, ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’, and so many more. It was around Discovery’s time they started to appear in public wearing helmets, evolving into the robot DJs we know today.

In 2013, of course, came their final album, Random Access Memories — which earned them a swag-load of Grammys including Album of the Year. Despite numerous hopeful rumours of a return in recent years, the duo had remained silent until they announced their split this morning.

Their influence on modern music cannot be overstated, and the news has understandably shaken fans and fellow musicians alike. It has, predictably, also spawned a shit-tone of jokes and memes.

We’ll have more to say on the immense impact of Daft Punk in the coming days, but for now, have a scroll through the best reactions we’ve spotted on the timeline today.