People Love This Dad Who Had The “I’m Not Angry, Just Disappointed” Talk With His Dog

"You running around out there in the world. Everybody's worried about you and now you're sitting here looking crazy."

Dad Dog Lecture

Last week Chelsea, the France family dog, ran away. This week a video of Bradley France sternly but calmly lecturing Chelsea went viral.

Kendall France, a 16-year-old from North Carolina, uploaded the interaction between her seven-year-old labrador retriever and dad onto TikTok. Soon after the video went viral there, @fucdemkids shared the clip onto Twitter where it blew up again.

The Runaway And The Lecture

The popular video features Kendall’s father, Bradley, reprimanding their pet dog for running away. “Running away is not cool. It’s not,” he calmly said. “You running around out there in the world, everybody’s worried about you and now you’re sitting here looking crazy. You know exactly what I’m saying.”

“You run away again, we gon’ leave you,” he ended the lecture.

While speaking to Junkee, Kendall explained that Chelsea was only actually missing for 20 minutes. “I was taking her to use the bathroom and it was so cold so I wanted to go back inside kind of quickly,” Kendall recounted. “[Chelsea] had a mind of her own and started throwing a fit and pulled so hard that she got out of her collar.”

“She didn’t get too far fortunately,” Kendall continued. “She was gone for a good 20 minutes.”

Despite how disappointed Bradley France was while talking to Chelsea, he wasn’t home when the events occurred. “My dad actually wasn’t home when I found her,” Kendall shared. “But he was definitely more relieved than disappointed in her when he got home.”

The Reception And Guilty Dogs

People loved that Kendall’s father didn’t yell at their dog, but instead respectfully explained what she had done wrong. Even though Chelsea didn’t fully understand what was going on, she definitely knew that she was in trouble.

The “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed” conversation hit home for a lot of people, with some pointing out just how sad and remorseful Chelsea looked for hurting her dad the way she did.

Some then decided to share videos of their equally guilty pets in similar situations to show that: 1) Dogs always get into all kinds of mischief and 2) Dogs totally know what they’re doing.

While others decided to share videos of what their parents are like with their pets the majority of the time.

But just like with Chelsea, any time a parent lectures their pet it comes from a place of love. And for those curious about whether Chelsea emotionally recovered, Kendall told Junkee that her dad and dog are best friends again.

“My dad and Chelsea love each other so much,” she shared. “She just never wants to disappoint him.”