Lol, Scott Morrison Might Be About To Lose Yet Another MP

Liberal Party meltdown update!

Scott Morrison and the Coalition are struggling in the latest Newspoll

Extremely hilarious Liberal Party meltdown update: Scott Morrison might be about to lose another MP, with conservative backbencher Craig Kelly reportedly mulling over plans to quit the party and run as an independent.

A climate change-denying Sky News stan who thinks we should all just overlook Russia’s role in the downing of flight MH17, Kelly has refused to rule out defecting ahead of next year’s federal election, amid growing speculation that he will lose his Liberal preselection in the southern Sydney seat of Hughes in favour of a more moderate candidate.

Kelly told The New Daily that he was “being advised to [quit the Liberal Party], and sit as a conservative independent”, but said that he was looking forward to the preselection process and having the opportunity to put my record up for review”. He also said that even if he did lose preselection, he would not quit the party until after Parliament rises for the year on December 6.

Were Kelly to jump ship, it would reduce the government’s voting numbers in the lower house to just 72, following the explosive defection of Julia Banks earlier this week. In her speech announcing she was leaving the Liberal Party, Banks decried the knifing of Malcolm Turnbull by “the reactionary right wing” of the party, and accused her colleagues of “trading their vote for a leadership change in exchange for their individual promotion, preselection endorsements, or silence”.

Speaking to Fairfax, former right-wing powerbroker John Ruddick (who is no longer a member of the party) said there was a “100 percent chance [Kelly] is going to lose his preselection”, adding that the Liberals were currently embroiled in “a philosophical and structural war” that was of “a whole different dimension” to the infighting in the Labor party during the Rudd-Gillard years.

So yeah, things are going great for Scott Morrison right now.