5 Ways To Cope With An Absolute Shit Fire Of A Day

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A bad day is never planned, and it for sure doesn’t discriminate. Even when you wake up, the sun is shining, and everything feels good in the world, the universe can choose to say, “Surprise bitch! You’re trash and I’m going to punish you for the lols. Byeeeee.”

Then what? Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to be on the path to recovery (or at least be distracted from the trauma that is your life).

#1 Assess The Damage

Consider today’s events in the grand scheme of things. Is it something you’re going to be stressing about in a week from now? How about a month? In a year? If you come to the conclusion you probs won’t give a shit about it in a few weeks, take comfort in the fact you’re probably just being a messy bitch and overreacting.

If that doesn’t work, just think of how tiny your problem is in regards to physical size. Get out your phone, open Google Maps and zoom out until you see what a teeny tiny place in the world you occupy.

See, your problems really ain’t shit. Sure, this might spiral you into the depths of an existential crisis but hey, you’re sure as hell not thinking about your shitty day, are you?

#2 Cry

People underestimate the power of a good cry. If you’re feeling something, allow yourself to feel it fully.

Chuck on some Bon Iver, jump in the shower at an almost scalding temperature, assume the foetal position, and just have at it.

Not only will you let all your emotions run free, but you’ll be opening up your pores which will do wonders for your skin! When you’re finished crying, wash your pretty little face and put on a face mask.

#3 Vent

The great and incomparable Amanda Bynes once said, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” OK fine, Amanda didn’t say that, but someone equally intelligent, talented and iconic probably did.

It’s true though, when you have a good ol’ bitch or vent about it, you’ll feel at least a little better. It’s always good to get an outsider’s perspective too. A decent friend will always reassure you that it’ll all be OK, because it almost always will be.

Trouble don’t last always, bitch. Gotta enjoy life before it’s too late.

#4 Consider What Was Good About Today

This sounds cheesy as shit, and it kind of is. But seriously, think about what was good about your otherwise bad day.

Start small. Maybe the coffee the barista made was especially tasty, or your outfit was looking fly.

Now think larger. You probably have a family that loves you, maybe you have great and supportive friends and chances are you have a roof over your head. Sure, not all of these may apply, but you can certainly think of some things you’re thankful for.

Hold those close, and try not to forget about them. They’re important.

#5 Do What You Can To Make Tomorrow Better

As previously stated, you don’t really get to choose when you have a bad day. Often they just happen. But, after a particularly shitty day, there are some things you can do to try and make tomorrow a little better.

Read your favourite book, write tomorrow’s to-do list, cook yourself a healthy dinner, exercise, clean your room, do your laundry, journal, pack your lunch for tomorrow. You know your body, and you know your routine, so take control. Do something right now that future you will thank you for.

I’m sorry today sucked, but tomorrow will be better. I promise. Unless it’s not, in that case repeat steps 1-5.

(Lead image: Girls/HBO)