TikTok Teens Are Making Earnest Tributes To Claire Saffitz From The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

And she deserves them.

Claire Saffitz Bon Appetit TikTok meme

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“When I tell you I would DIE for this woman — I would throw MYSELF in the oven for this angel on Earth,” begins the TikTok, emphatically. Who is this angel on Earth? Why, it’s Claire Saffitz from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen of course.

And the teens love her.

Honestly, everybody loves her. She is truly a perfect, glowing, long-suffering martyr to the cause of gentle, YouTube cooking content. If you’re not familiar, Claire Saffitz is one of the stars of the immensely popular Bon Appétit cooking video series. The videos which launched her to fame were mostly the ones in which she would attempt to recreate classic junk food into something gourmet.

She attacks these challenges with a very open sense of horror and talent, and it’s extremely enjoyable to watch. The cult of Claire Saffitz has kept growing as a response — and the TikTok teens are leading the charge.

@Lucas.Nathan went viral with his video, in which he emphatically declares his love for Saffitz, over a green screen of her. It clearly hit a chord — it’s a big mood.

“Bruno Mars would catch a grenade? That’s cool, I will catch anything that tries to harm Claire Saffitz.”

But he’s nowhere near alone: look at this user, @taupehue ,whose video is simply captioned “I love her”. Everyone loves her.

The trend continues: we all love Claire Saffitz, and these tributes are heartfelt and necessary. What a perfect, blessed trend.