People Are Sharing Wholesome Photos Of Chris Evans After He Accidentally Leaked NSFW Pics

"Iโ€™m honestly amazed Twitter managed to be wholesome for once."

Chris Evans

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Chris Evans accidentally posted a nude to Instagram, and fans have flooded Twitter with wholesome photos to try and protect the star.ย 

No matter what we like to believe, there are not a lot of things we ultimately have in common with rich celebrities. But there are a couple of things that unite us all. One is death. The other, which is only slightly less bad, is accidentally posting nudes we didn’t mean to share on social media.

Over the weekend, this happened to Captain America himself. In a quickly-deleted Instagram story, he posted a cute screen-recorded video of him playing the game Heads Up with his family, but before the story finished, it showed a brief look at his camera roll. This included an alleged nude and what looked like a meme with his face above the words ‘GUARD THAT PUSSY’, which is probably something to do with housesitting a cat, who can say.

The images and Evans started trending on Twitter, but fans of the (seemingly lovely) actor, quickly jumped to his defence. They started trying to flood Twitter with wholesome images and reminders that even though Evans is famous, he is still a person, and his privacy should be respected.

Many of the wholesome images include Evans with his dog Dodger.

But of course there were still jokes. It’s Twitter.

Social media and fans can often be a cesspit of negativity, so lots of people were pleased to see a positive outcome for once.

And other people hoped that people show up like this for celebs in the future too.