Cher Is Having Some Very Odd Opinions About Hitler And The iCloud On Twitter Lately

He lives in there, apparently.

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In case you’re unaware, Cher’s Twitter presence is pretty spectacular. She’s extremely vocal about politics, religion and current events, regularly reveals very personal details about her life, and never writes in anything other than ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF EMOJIS AND QUESTIONABLE SPELLING. It’s worth a follow, if nothing else.

She also has strong opinions about the NSA and internet privacy; at least that seems to be what she was getting at when she claimed the senior leadership of the Third Reich is living in the iCloud, a situation which has dire implications for your music library if true.

To be fair, Nazis are going to take over the world in 2018 when they invade from their base on the Moon. Don’t say Cher didn’t warn you.