The Internet’s New Hero Is The Woman Who Looted A Whole Cheesecake Mid-Protest

Can't destroy the government on an empty stomach.

cheesecake looted seattle protests

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In response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesotan police, a number of American cities have begun protests for justice.

After video of George Floyd’s death circulated online, the world begun to call for the arrest of Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes, which ultimately led to his death.

The protests began in Minneapolis on the street that George took his last breath. While these Black Lives Matter protests started peacefully, protestors were met with police in riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets and a lack of justice.

As a result, protests have since turned more violent with vandalism and looting becoming the norm as these protesters have become fed up with the blatant disregard for black lives. While Chauvin has since been arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter charges, the other three officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired from their jobs, but not arrested.

In response, cities across the US like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland and Seattle have placed legally enforceable curfews to try and control the rightfully emotional masses.

However these curfews haven’t stopped people — of all races and backgrounds — from looting in broad daylight. The shift to looting started on the fifth night of peaceful protesting without results, when a Target in Minneapolis was destroyed.

Since then, Target has announced a temporary closure of 175 locations, and looting has spread outside of the state of Minnesota. Fired up people in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Portland have also begun destroying business fronts and looting merchandise in varying degrees.

But there’s one case of looting down in Seattle that has taken the internet by storm. During a local news station report about protests turning destructive in Seattle, an unidentified woman, entirely unfazed, casually walked across the live cross with a whole cheesecake.

The video quickly went viral and people online rallied behind the mysterious woman and her unmatched need for a cheesecake mid-riot. Plus, the fact that she was also sure to grab two glasses and what looks like a bottle of milk on her way out of the restaurant is also a pretty determined mission.

By walking in front of the cameras at the moment she did with absolutely zero fucks to give, Cheesecake Girl instantly became the internet’s new unofficial hero.

But beyond the girl in the clip, people are also praising the Kiro 7 reporter, who went out of her way to absolve Cheesecake Girl from guilt.

Despite the shot coming right after they had just said that The Cheesecake Factory was looted, the reporter made sure to end her sentence with “unclear where they may have gotten that”. Queens supporting queens, honestly.

But while this brief moment of hilarity in a very dark time was fun, it shouldn’t distract you from the reasons these protests are happening.

Both the peaceful protests and the rioting have all come from the need to get justice for George Floyd, an innocent black man killed by the people who’s job it is to protect.