This Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’ Video Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

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Charli XCX has shared the behind-the-scenes footage from her gender-flipping ‘Boys’ clip — you know, the one that’s racked up an eye-popping 27 million views in just a few weeks?

The clip was Charli’s directorial debut, and the behind-the-scenes footage sees her instruct G-Eazy on how to seductively squat, assemble pancakes for Joe Jonas to drizzle maple syrup over, pick out letters from a pile of alphabet spaghetti, and hand rapper D.R.A.M a sledgehammer when he couldn’t smash up a row of TVs with a baseball bat.

In other words: it’s highly enjoyable.

If you think that recruiting 60 different famous people to star in your film clip sounds like a logistical nightmare, you’d be right. Speaking with Music Junkee, Charli XCX explained just how bloody difficult it was to pull ‘Boys’ together:

“It took quite a long time. We started shooting it in April and we finished it only about a week ago [in July]. I knew a lot of the guys already so I basically just harassed them for months and hit them up and and said, “Please do this video.” Some people were super chill and really easy and for some people it took longer, but everyone was down.

“I actually joined a really funny dating app that I knew some people were on so that I could get to them, which is kind of crazy. Most of the time I was just hitting people up and I’m really happy that the guys said yes. No one was a diva.”

Reacquaint yourself with the ~dreamy~ original vid below.