Watch In Horror As This Kid Hits Himself In The Nuts During A Channel 10 News Report

Oh no.


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Crushing your testicles is painful enough without it occurring on live TV, so pity the guy that accidentally rode behind a news report recently.

On Monday afternoon, Channel 10 News First Anne-Marie Leonard was reporting on a suspicious building fire in Belmont. As Leonard reported on the damage control and roadblocks firefighters have put in place, two kids on bikes ride innocently past behind her. But if you watch closely, the first of the kids stop suddenly as they hit the gutter.

The poor little legend has very obviously smacked his nuts on live TV in front of the entire country. Meanwhile, their friend rides their bright green bike right on by as Anne-Marie Leonard continues reporting. The kid clutches at their testicles, riding past with one hand to the handles and one to the crotch.

The cursed moment occurred on live TV but thanks to the internet, nothing is unrecorded. The clip was originally posted to Reddit and later shared by Cameron Wilson on Twitter.

Live TV is truly a magical place. Where would we be without such bloopers to distract us from the horrors of arson? Watch the hilarious clip below.