Chad Kroeger And Corey Taylor Are Having The Most Ridiculous Beef Of 2017

This is what two grown men bitch-slapping each other at high speed looks like.

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Close your eyes. Now imagine two grown men bitch slapping each other at high speed. That’s basically what 2017’s most ridiculous music beef, currently raging between Chad Kroeger and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, looks like.

Let us explain. Last week, Kroeger sat down for an interview with heavy website Metal Covenant to discuss Nickelback’s new album Feed The Machine, and to wax lyrical about his band’s back catalogue. Turns out Kroeger is so convinced that the outfit responsible for ‘How You Remind Me’ is the most diverse rock act out there, that he challenged the interviewer to name another band who could possibly compete with them.

When the interviewer offered up Taylor’s other band Stone Sour as his answer, the proverbial hit the fan.

“Well yeah,” Kroeger scoffed. “Because they’re trying to be Nickelback. Corey Taylor has said some really nasty things about me in the press. He talks about how easy it is to write a hit song — well, show me! Write one. I have yet to hear one from him.”

“They’re okay. They’re not as good as Nickelback — they sound like Nickelback lite.”

At this point, the interviewer is nervously laughing in the background, but Kroeger just kept rolling — now turning his attention to Taylor’s more famous band, Slipknot.

“We were signed to the same label, but they had to put on masks and jump around. How good can your music be if you gotta beat each other up on stage and throw up in your own masks every night? I mean, music shouldn’t come with a gimmick — music should just be music. And he got tired of sitting behind the mask, and he wanted people to know what he looks like… so he started Stone Sour.”

(Never mind that Taylor actually started Stone Sour before Slipknot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.)

After a few days of silence, today Taylor finally responded:

“You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude In Rock’ twice. Stick that up your ass.”

“It’s just so hilarious,” he told an Arizona radio station. “I never said it was easy to write a hit song. I don’t know what planet he lives on… there must be good weed there, ‘cos he’s an idiot. I was all cued up to say something about him, and then I just started reading all the comments online, and turns out I don’t even have to say a damn thing! He is not a liked person.”

“You can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted ‘Sexiest Dude In Rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude In Rock’ twice without one. Stick that up your ass.”

Taylor admits that he’s friends with every other band member in Nickelback, but he just can’t deal with Kroeger. “He’s got a face like a foot! Am I wrong? Dude, curl up in bed with your Hello Kitty pillow and shut up.”

I mean, he’s not wrong. Chad: the ball is in your court.