The Case For Having More Casual Sex

Go! Run free! Hook up!

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Hi fellow young person! Quick question: why aren’t you having more sex?

Are you frequently tired? Or pathetically single? Do you and your boo prefer watching The Office reruns in your Dorito-stained sweatpants to getting down and dirty?

The data has called it, and us young people aren’t smashing enough. Which is weird, because you’d think that with the rise of apps like Tinder, Grindr and Bumble, we’d be banging like never before.

If you’re caught in a bit of a dry spell, we’ve rounded up some Very Good Reasons as to why you should (literally) get back on that horse.


The endorphins we release during sex don’t only make us feel good, they relieve stress and pain. It’s been scientifically proven.

Regular sex also helps you sleep better, as well as making you look pretty and glowing to everyone around you. Yes, it’s a thing. Researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland found that people who had sex an average of four times a week looked seven to 12 years younger.

Self Esteem!

If you feel a little self-conscious (you shouldn’t), having sex is linked to having higher self esteem because it reminds you that you’re a certified fox. A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that for people who enjoyed having casual sex, having more of it was great for their self esteem.

A Lesson In IDGAF

Someone thinks you’re a hoe because you like to bang? Here’s your chance to stretch that muscle of not (clap emoji) giving (clap emoji) a (clap emoji) fuck.

Not caring what other people think of you isn’t something you’re born with. It’s literally learned over time. Why do you think there are so many confident old ladies out there saying whatever the hell they want?

Practice your ability to not give a fuck and watch all the weight soar off your shoulders. You’re now doing you, friend.

A General Sense Of Connectedness!

All we do is look down at our phones, computers and textbooks all day. Putting yourself out there, meeting someone, having a sweet boogie is the stuff that makes us actual humans, not robots from the film iRobot.

Life Is Just So, So Long!

It really is. So fill it up with sex and other fun things that make you feel (and look) great. Not Netflix binges and scrolling on computers. We know that makes us sound like your mum but it’s so true: you don’t want to get to 40 and wished you’d banged more in your youth.

Oh, and while we’re sounding like your mum, remember safe sex is the best sex. Be sure you go to every precaution to keep yourself happy, healthy and STI-free. AND GET REGULARLY TESTED.

In saying all this, if having sex just isn’t interesting to you, or you’re asexual, keep living your life. To all the other mutually consenting adults, our argument remains.