Listen To This Aussie Guy Explain On Radio How His Marriage Broke Up Because Of ‘WAP’

"She's moved out now. And it's all because of that bloody song."

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In these divided times, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ has been something of a balm, bringing people from all walks of life together. Or at least, it’s mostly done that.

After all, the song has also caused a few clashes in the weeks since its release. Who could forget the whole Ben “Fucking Aquaman” Shapiro saga, weeks of mockery after the conservative commentator referred to the song’s lyrics as containing a “p-word”? Or how about the poor guy whose entire relationship has broken down as a result of the chart-topping hit?

That latter story broke earlier this week, via a segment on Mike E & Emma’s The Edge breakfast show. The two hosts, giggling throughout, interviewed a man who claimed that he was sleeping in a hotel due to the fall-out of his wife and sister watching the music video.

“I’m sitting there with my wife,” said Brett, the hapless man, “and my sister was also there. The song comes on. My sister’s … uh… Twerking?”

And then, disaster struck.

“My wife thinks I’m, uh, bloody enjoying it,” Brett revealed. “She’s moved out now. And it’s all because of that bloody song.”

So yep, Brett’s wife assumed that he was enjoying his sister twerking, the kind of conflict that implies there were deeper problems at play than any associated with a Cardi B rap hit. And no apologies could resolve it either — Brett is now “sleeping in a hotel”, and his wife is living in the house.

Or at least, that’s the story. It’s always possible that the whole thing is a prank. But even if so, it’s a mostly light-hearted one. And it’s also very, very funny. You can watch the whole clip below:

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