You Need To Watch Cardi B’s Wildly OTT American Music Awards Performance

There were trolleys, congas, and a whole lot of cardio.

Cardi B American Music Awards

The American Music Awards happened today, and even though Taylor Swift slithered away with four awards including Artist Of The Year, the real winner of the night was Cardi B.

Cardi walked away with three awards, two for her solo work and one for her song-saving verse on Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ remix. However, what really put cardi on top was her completely out of control performance of ‘I Like It’.

The performance features a conga player, Ms Cardi “Bardi, banging body, spicy mami, hot tamale” doing a cha-cha/tango/something, and bad bunny rolling around in a golden trolley. To say it goes off is an understatement. Watch it immediately:

The performance is so batshit good we’re placing Cardi in the award show performance hall of fame alongside Lady Gaga’s 2009 MTV VMA performance (read; work of art), and EVERY. SINGLE. BEYONCÉ. PERFORMANCE. EVER.

Other performers on the night included Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and some other people but we’ve forgotten because none of them came close to this certified mome. SNL performer Taran Killam’s reaction to the entire situation sums it up quite perfectly:


Same tbh.

Cardi B will be in Australia to play some festivals including Sydney’s favourite New Years Day festival – Field Day. If you watch this and don’t immediately buy tickets, you deserve to be swallowed by the sea.