Cakes That Look Like Real Objects Have Become A Huge Meme

"The French beheading Marie Antoinette was their way of finding out if she was made of cake or not."

cake meme

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Over the last few days, the most random memes about cake have gone viral. But why?

Well, turns out that everyone’s talking about cake because people are fed up with baked goods that look like real objects. Honestly, at this point, it’s near impossible to tell whether something is real or if it’s cake.

The conversation about hating cakes that look like real objects kicked off over the weekend when BuzzFeed Tasty shared an almost four-minute compilation of @redrosecake_tubageckil‘s realistic cakes. Uploaded on July 9, the viral video — which features edible version of Crocs, pot plants, soap and toilet paper — has now amassed 28 million views in four days.

Despite Tasty literally captioning their video with “These Are All Cakes,” the edible items still confused people online.

While these type of videos are normally seen as mesmerising, the far too realistic nature of the cakes featured threw the internet into a spin. And quickly, people started to question whether anything, or anyone, in the world is real or if everything is just… cake.

The viral Croc cake video then inspired more bakers to share their lifelike creations — like onions, lettuce, Filet-O-Fish burgers and oysters — which only stressed people out even more.

In response to all the cake content swirling around online, people begun to take the piss out of these videos by trying to hack into items that were definitely not cake. But at this point, the only way to know is by cutting into them.

From here, cakes that look like real objects became its own huge meme. Namely, people having an existential crisis over whether anything, including themselves, were real anymore or just some form of delicious, fondant-covered baked good.

So here are all the best cake memes you can enjoy while wondering if anything around you is even real: