‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Will Finally Be Available To Stream In Australia

From tomorrow!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the defining TV shows of the modern era.

What other show so perfectly synthesised pop culture, comedy and high camp? LostRiverdale, Teen Wolf — none of these shows exist without Joss Whedon’s masterpiece.

And those ripples haven’t just been felt in the world of television, either. The entire Marvel superhero project owes its tone and structure to Buffy, a show that niftily mixed hero business with keenly-felt character flourishes.

Well, all of that makes a Buffy rewatch a high priority task. Which is why it’s perfect timing that Stan will be streaming the entirety of the series.

Yep, the notoriously hard-to-find show is dropping in full on Australia’s own streaming service.

And like, literally today — seasons one through seven will be available Thursday November 28.

That’s not all that is joining Stan over Summer, either. The service will also be hosting Family GuySons of Anarchy, and most of Grey’s Anatomy.

Sounds like all you could ever ask for, tbh.