Borat Was Out Interviewing Trump Supporters During The US Midterms, And Oh Boy

Turns out Borat is a big fan of "Premier Trump".

Borat tackles midterm elections on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has brought Kazakhstan’s most famous fake newsman, Borat Sagdiyev, out of retirement for a US midterm election special. And it went… pretty much exactly as you’d expect, to be honest.

In a sketch produced for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cohen spoke with a number of voters in Los Angeles about the state of American politics, all with the aim of swinging the midterms “for Premier Trump”.

Hard as it is to believe, it turns out there are people who still don’t know who Borat is — including at least one woman who also seems to think locking immigrant children in cages is totally fine. “It was like a camp out” she insists.

Honestly, these people.

Luckily Borat’s election “tamperning” doesn’t seem to have much of an effect, with Donald Trump and the Republicans having a bit of a shit one. Very nice!