The Bondi Hipsters Have Ridiculed That Men Only Co-Working Space And Threatened To Sue

"Is there a fight-club that happens at lunchtimes?"

Yesterday we told you about Nomadic Thinkers, a Brisbane-based co-working space set to open in January that will cater exclusively to men. Contrary to what some of you may have thought, it was not in fact a hoax, but an actual business idea by actual human beings who are convinced that this is a good way to fight domestic violence, or something. Again, not a joke.

An Australian Company Is About To Open A New Co-Working Space “Exclusive To Men”

As you might reasonably expect, the idea of creating a men only co-working space in the already overwhelmingly male-dominated startup sector didn’t exactly go down well.

Even Philip Dalidakis, Victoria’s Small Business Minister, weighed in on the idea, tweeting that he’d “genuinely never heard of anything more stupid in the startup tech sector.”

But perhaps the best takedown of all came from the Bondi Hipsters. Turns out Dom and Adrian were none too pleased with Nomadic Thinkers using their image without permission, and left a lengthy post on the company’s Facebook page in which they ridiculed the concept of a men only work space while also threatening to take legal action.

hipsters 01 hipsters 2

Christiaan Van Vuuren, who plays Dom, told Junkee that his girlfriend, Adele Vuko, helped him craft the reply, calling it “the result of a smart, funny woman, working in collaboration with a man.”

The photos in question appeared in a blog post titled ‘Are You A Pathetic Man-Child’, in which Nomadic Thinkers director Samuel Monaghan rages against “polarizing” feminism and reminisces about the good old days when men were sent off to die together in WWI and WWII. The post has since been deleted, but this is the internet so you can still read it here.

Other gems on their blog include a post titled ‘As A Man, A Primary Care Role Is Not Enough’, as well as the following image, which seems to perfectly sum up the company’s nonsensical view of the world.



Feature image via Bondi Hipsters/Facebook.