Bill Murray Just Crashed A Bachelor Party And Gave An Awesome Speech

He just can't help himself, you guys.

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Bill Murray has been refining the character of Bill Murray for years now, and he might have finally nailed the part. Long beloved as a droll, tragicomic actor, Murray has recently moved into freelance reality augmentation, which is an extravagant way of saying that he gatecrashes people’s events and shares with them a moment of unspeakable awesomeness. So far he’s done karaoke, kickball, and many, many random house parties. He’s even bar-tended with RZA and GZA from Wu Tang Clan.

On the morning of May 27, though, Bill Murray lay in bed and thought, ‘What’s the most Bill Murray thing that I could do today?’ The answer he settled on was to join a buck’s party in Charleston, South Carolina, give an inspiring, hilarious speech, and then drift off into the night.

Which is, of course, exactly what he did. As Deadspin reported it, a guy called EJ and his mates saw Murray at the steakhouse they were partying in, and tried to buy him a round of drinks. Murray politely declined, but then made his way over a little later. Then, to rousing, frat-boy cheers, he gave an absolutely cracking speech. The highlights? Probably the bit where Murray compares the groom-to-be to the deceased at a funeral. Or the bit where Murray says, “Let’s lift him up on our shoulders!”, and then ghosts right outta there. Classic Bill.

Watch a snippet below, or the full version over here.