Bill Leak Is The Cartoonist Of The Year, Declare Bill Leak’s Employers

What an honour.

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In news that in no way feels like a giant middle finger to anyone who was offended by his recent, appalling depiction of Indigenous Australians, News Corp Australia cartoonist Bill Leak has been declared Cartoonist of the Year at an awards ceremony hosted by … wait for it … News Corp Australia.

The News Awards are News Corps’ in-house awards. They’re kind of like The Walkleys, except you have to be employed by Rupert Murdoch to win one. Held on Friday night, this year’s ceremony saw The Australian take home Newspaper of the Year, while the gong for Best Website went to The Herald Sun. So in that context, Bill Leak’s win kind of makes perfect sense.

Naturally, the veteran cartoonist was humble and gracious in victory:

Miranda Devine aside, the rest of the internet was not having a bar of it.

In a related story, I’m thrilled to announce that I have just now been declared the winner of the Junkee Award for Most Handsome Weekend Editor. Pretty impressive, no?