This Bernie Sanders Meme Is A Celebration Of The Simple Art Of Asking For Shit

Bernie Sanders has become a massive meme -- again.

Bernie Sanders meme

Bernie Sanders has had a pretty excellent last few weeks.

The Vermont senator, once voted the most popular politician in the whole of America, is enjoying a surge in the polls on his road to the 2020 election. He’s emerged as the front-runner in the race for Democratic nominee for President, particularly now that Joe ‘No Malarkey’ Biden has fared quite so badly in the Iowa caucus.

At this stage, it’s Sanders versus Pete Buttigieg, the one-time army veteran and Mayor of South Bend who is hoping that his centrist platform will seem more appealing to voters than Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism.

Who knows whether that will be turn out to be true. What is clear is that Sanders is winning big where it truly matters — in the world of memes.

Sanders has proved excellent fodder for internet jokes since he first ran for President against Hillary Clinton. Who can forget, for instance, the extremely viral video of the man running for the train with the speed and grace of an irritated Jim Henson puppet:

But this year, Bernie memes are bigger than ever, perhaps echoing his increased popularity and support. Look no further than the newest entry in Bernie’s Dank Meme Stash, the ‘I Am Once Again Asking for Your Financial Support’ exploitable.

Plucked from a campaign video in which Sanders asks for campaign donations, the meme has become a way to ask from everything from somebody’s name to more cat food.

Here’s the OG:

And here are the many memes that it spawned:


Truly a king.