Ben Lee Roasted Donald Trump Using ‘Catch My Disease’ And It’s Simply Perfect

We love to see it.

ben lee donald trump photo

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Of all the bizarre things that have occurred in 2020, Ben Lee emerging as an unlikely people’s hero is one of the more curious.

The Aussie singer, best known for singles ‘Catch My Disease’ and ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’, fell off the public radar over the last decade, partly thanks to releasing albums dedicated to Ayahuasca and dabbling in the wellness industry.

Recently though, he’s been praised for calling out his peers in the wellness industry for spouting QAnon conspiracy theories, calling the pernicious delusion (which has grown to include COVID hoax theories, anti-5G positions, along with the initial conspiracy that Trump is taking down a cabal of Satanic child traffickers) a “cult”, and urging his fellow influencers to denounce the theory.

“I would like to make a public request to the leaders of new age/health and wellness industries to make clear their position in regards to the QAnon conspiracy theory/political cult,” he wrote on Twitter last month, calling out mentioning Eckhart Tolle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Deepak Chopra. “Your voices are needed.”

He’s been incredibly active online during the US election campaign, throwing his weight behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden. And now, he’s bodied Donald Trump using something that’s been under his nose the whole time: his own song.

Pulling a clip of Trump dancing bizarrely during a recent rally in Florida, Lee overlaid his track ‘Catch My Disease’, even managing sync up Trump’s hand claps to the original. Trump has reportedly only just recovered from COVID-19, and has been consistently holding massive rallies throughout the year — which feature almost no social distancing or facial masks.

“Can’t believe it took me all day to realise I had to do this,” Lee wrote on Twitter.

As resident Twitter funnyperson and Junkee contributor Nadine Von Cohen wrote in reply: “FUCK YEAH THE IMPORTANT THING IS YOU GOT THERE IN THE END.”

Well played Ben.