Here Are All The Batshit Crazy Theories About What Taylor Swift’s Mysterious Teaser Means


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Trust Taylor Swift to try and upstage North America’s biggest solar eclipse in decades.

The controversial popstar did her best to melt the internet last night by reviving her social media accounts — which she wiped clean just days ago — by posting a short, 10 second video of what appeared to be a snake’s tail.

It’s no doubt a sly reference to the duplicitous behaviour Swift has copped a lot of flak for over the last year: her role in the now-legendary Kim Kardashian/Kanye West dispute, her beef with Katy Perry, and her silence over the election of Donald Trump.

The video is Swift’s first social media post of note since the fallout from Kim Kardashian’s explosive Snapchat leak. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, here it is:

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Her notoriously rabid fanbase immediately sprung into action, furiously dissecting the clip to unearth any clues about WHAT IT COULD ALL MEAN.

Essentially, Twitter over the last 12 hours has looked something like this:

There are four main theories doing the rounds:

1) That Swift is about to release a new song, potentially as soon as this Friday.

2) That she’ll make her comeback at the upcoming MTV VMA awards, which take place next Monday, August 28 (Australian time). A related theory suggests she’ll perform at the VMA’s alongside longtime nemesis Katy Perry, in a grand ‘burying the hatchet’ type gesture.

3) That she’ll be appear in the video for Katy Perry’s track ‘Swish Swish’. The evidence being that Perry captioned a recent Instagram post about the clip with ‘COUNTDOWN TO CATASTROPHE’ — a potential reference to ‘Catastrophe,’ the name of Swift’s character in her ‘Bad Blood’ video.

4) Or, given that Taylor Swift doesn’t do anything by accident, we accept the fact that her dropping a creepy snake video during a incredibly rare and momentous solar eclipse is not a coincidence at all. Allow us to explain.

In 2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit cinemas. Yeah, that’s right. Eclipse. As in, the eclipse.

What’s the connection, you’re wondering? Swift was dating one of the stars, Taylor Lautner, for the film’s entire production. Eclipse went on to smash box office records, meaning Swift has been front and centre for two of the the biggest eclipse’s in recent history.

But that’s not all. In Eclipse the film’s main character, Bella, is talking about places she’s visited while road tripping. One of those places? A snake pit in Ensenada, Mexico. That’s right. A snake pit. Snakes… eclipses… it’s all lining up, just like the sun, moon and the earth did overnight.

And that’s not all. Remember, whats the Twilight series about, anyway? Vampires, and Bella’s (unsuccessful) attempt to resist them. What do vampires like? Blood. What would help you resist them? Bad blood. Bad Blood… like Taylor Swift’s 2014 smash hit featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Circles within circles within circles.

Additional Twilight-related reporting by Osman Faruqi