In Unbelievable News, Barnaby Joyce Will Now Be Advising On The Status Of Women In Australia

"A taskforce on the Status of Women that includes Barnaby Joyce says everything we need to know about what the Liberal/National government considers is the status of women."

Barnaby Joyce

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Just when you thought Australian politics couldn’t possibly disappoint women anymore this week — it has, and in the shittiest way possible, after announcing Barnaby Joyce as the newest member of the government’s taskforce for women.

Yep, no word of a lie. Barnaby Joyce. Helping lead a taskforce. For Australian women.

It was announced just this afternoon, that the newly appointed Nationals Leader and Deputy PM, will now also be a part of the Morrison government’s new cabinet taskforce on women’s security and economic security.

Only on Monday, Barnaby Joyce reclaimed his old leadership titles which he lost three years ago over an unresolved sexual assault allegation.

Naturally, people were pretty appalled that the government allowed Joyce to step back into the country’s second-highest political job despite his alleged behaviour towards women.

But now, in a move that can only be described as a slap in the face to all women, Joyce has literally been appointed to the top women’s taskforce of the country.

Not only will the role oversee the “status of women” in Australia, focusing on women’s safety and security, but it will prioritise the issue of violence against women. An issue that Joyce has literally been investigated about but was never charged due to “insufficient evidence”.

Mr Joyce will be replacing the former deputy prime minister Michael McCormack, who was previously a member of the taskforce, and will be joining the Australian Assistant Minister For Women Amanda Stoker.

Stoker is famously an anti-abortionist, and has expressed “derogatory” views on transgender issues. 

So in other words, women’s safety and security is totally fucked/doomed.