Australians Can’t Resist Trolling Trump Supporters Who Are Angry About Malcolm Turnbull’s Roast

An awful lot of Americans don't know the difference between liberal and Liberal.

If you haven’t already watched Malcolm Turnbull’s Donald Trump roast, please go and do so immediately.

The footage – which was secretly captured during Wednesday night’s Parliament House Winter Ball and promptly published by Channel Nine’s political editor/loose unit Laurie Oakes – sees the PM impersonating his US counterpart, mocking their notoriously awkward first phone call as well as Trump’s (alleged) relationship with Vladimir Putin. It’s pretty great.

Despite initial fears that Turnbull had doomed us all to burn in the fires of nuclear armageddon, the US embassy has since said that the remarks were taken “with good humour that was intended”. Phew.

But that didn’t stop the US media from picking up on the incident. Fox News has run a number of stories about Turnbull’s remarks, sending angry Trump supporters into a social media frenzy.

The livid reaction did not go unnoticed by Australians, who immediately started fucking with the Trump fans.

A bunch of Americans attacked Turnbull for being just another liberal politician, at which point Australians had to explain that liberal and Liberal mean two very different things down here.

Also, this happened.