An Australian Muslim Group Has Been Sent Abusive Christmas Cards Covered In Pig Fat

"It's time our political leaders show actual leadership and stand against such hatred and vitriol."

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The Australian-based Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) has been sent a number of anonymous Christmas cards filled with abusive messages and, in some cases, pieces of bacon and pig fat.

The LMA shared pictures of the cards on Facebook and wrote that they were sent by “adoring fans”.

The cards included messages like “Musys – Fit in or fuck off”, “Merry Christmas goat fuckers” and “Fuck you and stop being racist you pigs.”

Mostafa Rachwani from the LMA told Junkee that the card deliveries are fairly common but have become more regular towards the end of this year.

“Generally, though, those sentiments have become more common, with our Facebook pages usually inundated with hateful comments during or after any public incidents involving Muslims,” he said.

“The staff at the LMA are shaken by these kinds of incidents every time. The shock of finding something so hateful never abates, and no matter how often they come, the staff continue to be disturbed every time.”

Last week the prayer room at Bankstown-Lidcombe hospital in Sydney was vandalised when someone covered the prayer mats in bacon.

“The LMA absolutely believes it is time our political leaders condemn these actions, as well as the sentiments behind them,” Rachwani told Junkee.

“It is unacceptable that our leaders continue to be silent on these issues, and enable these attitudes to continue relentlessly. The time for comment is long past, it is time our political leaders show actual leadership and stand against such hatred and vitriol.”