Brace Yourselves, Because There’s Another Massive Heatwave Coming This Weekend

45 degrees baby.


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Got plans for the weekend? You might want to cancel them unless they involve a large body of water, because we’re in for another heatwave.

Parts of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are set to crack 40 degrees over the weekend, and every state capital is projected to hit the 30s (yes, even Hobart). Quite a few places in the country, including Western Sydney, are likely to top 45 degrees, aka Seriously Too Hot.

For Melbourne, Saturday is probably going to be the hottest day in two years. Canberra, meanwhile, is going to have its hottest day of the summer so far with a projected maximum of 38 degrees on Sunday — the previous record was Christmas Eve, which was a measly 34.8 degrees in comparison.

Just look at this heat map of Victoria and NSW, which says it all in appropriately hellish colours:

And this one of South Australia:

There’s a total fire ban in place for the entire state of Victoria on Saturday, which you can read about here. Tasmania is considering a similar ban, though they haven’t called one yet.

As for all the other states in for scorchers, while total bans haven’t yet been announced, the whole place is still going to be hot and dry and windy. Google your area to see if there’s a total or partial fire ban there, and otherwise use your head and barbecue very carefully, if you really must start up an extremely hot cooking service on a scorcher of a day.

Alternatively, just have an ice cream or cold beer or something. And while you’re doing it, look after each other, and keep an eye out for elderly or vulnerable people in your area. Heatwaves can be pretty deadly for people with pre-existing health conditions, and also for otherwise healthy people who don’t stay hydrated and cool.

We’ll leave you, once again, with this Trendy Infographic from NSW Health. Enjoy sweating it out.

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