This Hilarious ‘Asian Bachelorette’ Sketch Perfectly Sums Up Reality TV’s Diversity Problem

"A season unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Literally."

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As the latest instalment in the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise continues to take heat due to a glaring lack of diversity, a new sketch from the team behind YouTube channel Wong Fu Productions has addressed the issue head on.

Highlighting the absence of Asian faces on the American Bachelorette, the video imagines a version of the show in which (almost) all of the contestants are Asian. There’s a Filipino nurse, a Chinese entrepreneur and an Indian dentist who, in his own words, “is here to represent brown town”.

“Did you know there are over 720 dialects of Hindi?” he boasts. “Some would say I’m an expert in tongues.”

“[It’s] a season unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” says the host. “Literally. We’ve never even seen like two Asians at a time.”

As a response to Western society’s habit of desexualising Asian men, as well as a send-up of the ridiculous conventions of dating shows more generally, the video is bang on the money. They’ve even got the one token white guy (named Bradley, because of course he is) complaining about not getting enough screen time.

The sketch ends with a message from Wong Fu Production’s Philip Wang, saying that “hopefully we can get to the point someday where it’s not weird to see Asians this way”.

“I mean, I think we make pretty good contestants,” he says. “Wouldn’t you guys agree?”



Yes we would.

By the way, if anyone reading this knows someone who works at Channel Ten, maybe pass this video on, thx.

Feature image via Wong Fu Productions/Facebook