So Australia Really Loves ‘Annihilation’, The Movie We Weren’t Allowed To See In The Cinema

It's a shame we couldn't watch it on the big screen.

Annihilation, the hotly anticipated and somewhat controversial sci-fi horror from director Alex Garland, has dropped on Netflix Australia. And, surprise, people are absolutely losing their shit for it!

That’s a tad awkward for film studio Paramount, because they deemed the movie “too complicated” and “too intellectual” to get a cinema release in Australia. Annihilation was on the big screen in only three countries —  the USA, Canada and China — and was released on the streaming service internationally.

There’s a whole yarn about why this happened, but in the end it meant Australia had to settle for the little screen.

It unfortunately looks like Paramount’s fears were somewhat justified, as the film only raked in 11 million in the USA at the box office on its opening weekend, despite the rave reviews. (It was up against Black Panther though).

Annihilation is a great film and it’s got an absolutely stellar cast in Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac. Alex Garland directed Ex Machina, as well as screenwriting for 28 Days LaterSunshineNever Let Me Go and Dredd.

It’s all the ingredients for a goddamn winner of a movie, and Australia at least seems to be lapping it up on Netflix.

People seem to be praising the incredible performances of the female-led cast in particular, as well as the lush, weird visuals:

Annihilation is currently streaming on Netflix Australia.