Everyone Is Roasting This Liberal Politician After He Was Caught Making Shit Up

Angus Taylor has been credited with walking on the moon, inventing the internet, and discovering time travel.

Angus Taylor

Australia’s Energy Minister has been copping it these last few months — and no, it’s not for being the MP in charge of emissions reduction for a government whose policy is basically ‘we’ve done enough‘.

Angus Taylor is currently in the middle of a police investigation (you can find a full explainer here), and there are calls for him to be dumped from the front bench.

In the midst of the scandal, a section from Taylor’s maiden speech to parliament in 2013 has gone viral.

It wasn’t the fact he used his maiden speech to talk about Christmas trees that caught people’s attention; it was his namecheck of American feminist author Naomi Wolf.

Because the thing is, Naomi Wolf was definitely not at Oxford in 1991 when Angus Taylor was.

It’s all a bit awkward for Angus. In Question Time today, Labor was savage.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to pile on with the fun new hashtag #ThingsAngusTaylorDid, which was trending this morning. If it makes him feel any better, the thread is full of people giving him credit for all kinds of amazing feats.

Besides, getting memed is probably the least of his concerns now.

It all started with this tweet:

And so the pile on began.

But uh, not all of them were so “flattering”.