Triple J’s Sally And Erica Have Made Their Own ‘Andrew’ Meme, The ABC Journo Shut Down By ScoMo

Truly a work of art.

Sally and Erica make their very own Andrew meme

Over the last few days, ABC‘s own Andrew Probyn has become one of the new viral heroes of Tik Tok. And the esteemed journalist’s path to fame? Getting shut down by Scott Morrison at a press conference.

See, Probyn was one of the many journalists summoned to a presser in which the Prime Minister ran through our response to the coronavirus pandemic. But when he sought a follow-up to one of his own questions, he was quickly shut down by Morrison.

“Andrew, I’m sorry, you’ve had several questions,” Morrison said in the terse tones of an exasperated geography teacher. “Andrew, I’m sorry, Andrew. I know, but you don’t run the press conference, OK? So I’m going to go to other questions of members of the group. I’m happy to return to you but let’s just keep it civil.”

Within hours, the moment was turned into a viral meme on Tik Tok.

Now, Sally and Erica of triple j have gotten in on the fun, making their own remixed version of Morrison’s rant with the help of Duke Dumont.

It’s really the kind of work of art that requires no introduction. So I will say no more.

Just enjoy:

On ya, Andrew.