We Regret To Inform You That A Liberal MP Is Once Again Trolling A Simpsons Meme Page

Dig up, stupid.

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After a long week of various parliamentary sittings, party meetings, press conferences and the kissing of many tiny babies, you’d think our elected politicians would spend their weekends quietly enjoying some family time or digging into a really nice book.

Not so for Liberal MP Andrew Laming, who has once again spent his weekend trolling Facebook page ‘The Simpsons against the Liberals‘ almost entirely for shits and giggles.

Back in December 2016, we first heard news that Laming was getting his troll on on the page (which does pretty much what it says on the tin by sharing Simpsons memes that criticise/ridicule the Libs), where he set himself up for dunk after dunk from the page’s ardent followers.

And now, nearly a full two years since, Laming is back for more rinsing, returning serve after the page had a go at his recent social media rebrand as the blatantly ScoMo imitating Lammo. Yes, he really thinks changing his brand to the abbreviation for lamingtons is an election winning move…

Our fave Andrew Laming MP is trying to rebrand himself as ‘Lammo’.Credit: Ben

Posted by The Simpsons against the Liberals on Sunday, 11 November 2018

Here’s the dank geniuses response that reinvigorated a 23 month old meme war:

Now Laming seems to have misunderstood a few essential points here. Firstly, I’m fairly certain ‘The Simpsons against the Liberals’ are laughing AT you, and not the other way around. Secondly, being hugely salty and posting a full-edgelord comment reply isn’t generally the actions of someone who doesn’t “give a shit”.

Finally, what in the actual fuck is with the sign-off #HoneyBadger? Does this MP want us all to know he’s totes down with the kids and thinks The Bachelor is a totally groovy show? Is he comparing himself to Nick Cummins in some way that’s only obvious to 52-year-olds who still use iPad 2s? A true mystery.

The meme warfare was truly on for young and old after Laming (no I will not refer to him as anything else) got involved, with some classic Simpsons moments getting Lamingified:


When Andrew Laming MP has nothing better to do but attempt to troll Simpsons fans. He's delivering for his electorate as per usual…

Posted by The Simpsons against the Liberals on Sunday, 11 November 2018

That last comment from Laming was posted on his own Facebook page, clarifying why he enjoys spending his downtime on a Facebook meme page, supposedly to toy with people that his “kids will never grow up to be”.

Oh ok, that’s just an extremely normal thing for a grown-ass man/member of parliament to be doing with his free time. Cool!

As I type this, the memes continue to spring up en masse so head on over the their page if you want to keep up with it all. I know one MP who definitely will be…