Alpacas Have Been Casually Strolling Around City Streets All Week Because Life Is Incredible

Australian Alpaca Week is apparently a real thing which started yesterday.

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Terrible news: it’s highly likely that multiple alpacas have been in your immediate vicinity in the past 72 hours and you totally missed your chance to hug then. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the animal into Australia, dozens of alpacas were paraded around Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane this week, offering the public a rare encounter with the adorably mutant sheep people.

Much better news: bizarrely, this isn’t the only alpaca-themed event happening around the country at the moment. Yesterday marked the beginning of Australian Alpaca Week — which is a very real thing I promise I didn’t make up — and you now have a bunch more opportunities to nuzzle your face in their fluffy little giraffe necks.

Organised by the Australian Alpaca Association as a means of drawing attention to the ridiculous South American animals, the event will see a huge number of alpaca farms open their doors to the public. From May 2-10, there are 42 events and open days around the country which are totally free of charge. Of course this gives the breeders a nice opportunity to boast about their products like super-soft alpaca fleece, but I don’t want to overcomplicate things — this is literally just a week to celebrate how cute this little idiot’s face is:

Here’s a taste of what you missed out on already:


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Australian Alpaca Week runs from May 2-10. The Australian Alpaca Association is running an event guide so you can search for events near you. Feature image via janaryan/Instagram.