I Already Know Who’s Going To Win Season 2 Of ‘Alone Australia’

the contestants of alone australia season 2 lined up on a lake beach with mountains in the background

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I’ll admit it: I was a late joiner to the Alone bandwagon. But once I got on board, I committed to devouring all the Alone Australia content I could get my eyes on. 

So even though we’re only in the second week of the second season, I feel pretty confident in predicting how the rest of the show will go, from first tap-outs to iconic kills through to the overall winner being tapped on the shoulder by a loved one in episode 10.

The Season 2 contestants have a few advantages — and disadvantages — over their Season 1 counterparts. The new season is set in the South Island of New Zealand (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu) and projectile hunting is allowed, which means contestants can bring bows and arrows to help hunt down protein- and fat-filled red deer. But, as Alone Australia: The Podcast points out, these aren’t the point-and-shoot compact bows your everyday hunter might use. These traditional bows require extreme skill, accuracy, and proximity, along with the ability to camouflage your own scent and sound. The setting itself provides other adversaries like extreme wind, rain, and cold, as well as pesky nibbling sandflies.

So which one of this season’s contestants has the stamina and skill to outlast the others? 

With the iconic Gina Chick taking out Season 1 in the rather grim Tasmanian wilderness and winning over a nation, Season 2’s winner has rather big hiking boots to fill — and I think I already have a pretty good idea of who will take home the Alone Throne. Here, I’ll run through the contestants from least to most likely to win.

Mike, 60, Resilience Coach, NSW

Single Dad. 60-year-old KING.

Mike’s journey has been rocky from the first few steps off the boat, slipping on rocks and some clear drop shock hitting. But even the toughest of the tough can be broken down with the sudden realisation of how alone Alone actually is. Halfway through the first ep, he inhales some amber, causing a coughing fit that lasts into the night, resulting in some chest pain and an emergency sat-call for support late in the night. While we’re wishing the best for Mike, the cliffhanger ending does not bode well for his future on the show.

Andreas, 42, Personal Trainer and Subsistence Hunter, NSW

Swedish. Ethical Hunter. Former Model.

While we’ve only seen a glimmer of Andreas in Episode 1, I think his model/city roots will surprise us, with his bow and arrow hunting skills and resistance to cold proving him a formidable contestant. I think his downfalls will be his overconfidence and lack of knowledge of the Kiwi landscape.

Suzan, 54, Wilderness Adventure Guide, VIC

Tough Bitch Alert.

While Episode 1 doesn’t give us too much of an insight into Suzan, her intro and trailer scream “Don’t mess with her”. Her relationship with the land around her will be one of her greatest strengths — along with her resilience and survival knowledge. The only reason she’s not higher on this list is because we still have more to learn about her.

Jason, 36, Youth Worker and Jungai, NSW

Traditional Hunter. Experienced in Hot/Dry and Cold/Wet Climates.

Jason’s greatest strengths are his ability to acclimate to different landscapes thanks to his experience jumping across Regional NSW, dry Northern Territory and cold, wet Tasmania. His traditional hunting experience should help him catch some good dinners and keep on some illustrious weight. I’m keen to learn more about him in Episode 2 and hopefully bumping him higher in my rankings.

Jack, 55, Tradesman and Wild Game Hunter, VIC

Girl Dad. Empty Nester. Dog’s Best Friend.

We’re yet to meet Jack properly, but his intro pack showcases his hunting and fishing skills and his love for photography and videography. Jack will get us some phenomenal shots of the South Island lake and mountains but I fear his love for his two daughters and German short-haired pointer will be a tap-out inducer.

Krzysztof, 39, Aquaculturalist, VIC

Industrious. Stubborn (Self-Proclaimed). Thinker Before Doer.

Krzysztof is a delight. He comes off a little wacky but self-assured and I suspect he’ll befriend a possum within the first week. His greatest strengths will be his research and project skills — previous seasons have proven how important knowledge of the terrain and the ability to be project-focussed are to survival while alone. Coming from an Eastern European family myself, I know that he’ll come up with some left-of-centre designs that will provide him some luxury and edge over other contestants. I have an itch that he will be the first contestant of the season to lose his fire stick, but he’ll find a way to keep things running regardless.

Leanne, 41, World Heritage Aboriginal Programs Officer, VIC

Strong Mother. Best Goals.

Leanne comes to the challenge wanting to rediscover herself and buy land in her traditional Country. She’s been raised on Country, fishing and foraging, but I worry her experience on dry, red earth may not transfer to the wet, dense rainforest. However, she may have an advantage as her partner Rob was a Season 1 contestant. I think she’ll make it far but her connection to her family and community will unfortunately be her downfall.

Tamika, 51, Off-Gridder and Former Police Officer, QLD

Great Command of Bush Skills. Vegetarian Queen.

I loved Tamika right off the bat. Reminiscent of Season 1 winner Gina Chick, she has a healthy respect and knowledge of her environment. While Tamika is an expert archer, her vego instincts may make it hard for her to hunt and eat deer. But her campsite looks beautiful. Too beautiful. I have an eerie feeling some flooding or rock damage will hit her cottage-core dream home.

Chase, 27, Defence Force Combat Engineer, QLD

Big Game Hunter. Baby Face. Weapon.

I initially thought Chase would tap out on day seven because he would be missing the pub and the boys, but I was quickly proven wrong by this cool-as-a-cucumber savant. Chase is comfortable with his environment, rattles off the names of native flora with ease, was aware enough to bring a face mask to ward off the nibbly sandflies and he’s already found himself some asparagus-like flora that will serve as a lovely side dish to the red deer steak he’ll inevitably carve up in about three business days.

Rick, 58, Survival Educator and Former SAS Soldier, QLD

Great Dad. Loving Husband. Expert Stone Skipper. Tough As Nails.

Rick won me over as soon as he said he’d been “pissing like a racehorse”. He started his journey by taking a dip in the freezing waters of Te Waipounamu to counter his drop shock and recalibrate his body to his “new home”. He was devastated to miss his wife’s 60th on the second night and has already set his beard on fire, but he has a pretty bow and a good attitude. Go Rick! 

Alone Australia airs Wednesdays at 7:30pm on SBS. Older episodes, including Season 1, are available at SBS On Demand.