Aldi Wine Just Won A Bunch Of Awards And All Your Bad Decisions Are Now Validated

Let's have a drink about it.

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Waddup, bitchez. This week the Sydney International Wine Competition told you what you’ve already known for years — Aldi wine is the best. Working their way through a blind selection of 2,000 wines, a panel of 14 local and international judges gave three of the top awards to drops that are sold at or made specifically for Aldi. While this was a surprise to some of the classy industry types, it’s nothing short of life-affirming to all the rest of us. Pour that shit in a can; it’s good to go.

Aldi wine has been the go-to choice for uni students, cheapskates and generally broke-ass kids for years now. It’s nearly impossible to resist its affordable price tag and it always delivers on that trademark crisp, fruity finish with only a slight hint of bitter self-loathing. Now that unsettling tang of shame might be a thing of the past. While one of the winning wines — Aldi’s Monsigny Premier Cru Champagne — was a ludicrously expensive $29.99, Aldi’s main winner of the night was only $12.99. The Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz beat over 1,000 competitors to take out the gongs for best red table wine and best lighter-bodied dry red table wine.

If that’s still a bit dear — there’s no shame here — a $6.99 cab sauv blend, and two $4.99 tempranillos were also ranked in the top 100 wines. “It is a surprise when you get wines for under $10 that are really good examples of European regional styles,” said Good Food wine reviewer Ralph Kyte-Powell. “Party o’er here,” said everybody else.

Importantly, this is one of the few competitions where the wine is tasted in combination with food. “With some wines, it’s not until you get into a real situation as it’s being used at the dinner table, that you can see its merits,” said competition director Warren Mason.

So, in an effort to class it up and shit, when celebrating with a few dozen bottles of $1.99 ‘blended reds’ tonight, you should definitely line your stomach first. We’ve found their Sauvy B pairs best with some 3am kebabs and/or nachos.


Via Good Food.