Recreating Famous Album Covers For Savage Jokes Is The Funniest New TikTok Trend

TikTok creativity is truly unmatched.

tik tok album cover meme

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Over the last two months, we’ve had a whole lot of time stuck at home — and spare time means only one thing: More time for scrolling on TikTok.

And thankfully the teens on TikTok have, once again, delivered with another trend that’s savage, funny and truly creative. Putting their own spin on recreating album cover art, the #AlbumLookAlike Challenge uses particular songs and albums as the punchline for jokes about highly-relatable situations.

For example, replicating Beyoncé on her Lemonade album cover to laugh about ugly men cheating on you after you give them a chance. You know, considering that Lemonade is all about how Jay-Z had the nerve to cheat on THE Beyoncé Knowles and all.

All the #AlbumLookAlike memes are set to the same song: An @.arjunn remix of ‘Kathy’s Waltz’ by Dave Brubeck Quartet — with the joke and real album art dropping at the same time the beat does.

This simple but effective format has made it easy for countless variations of the meme to exist without any real double ups, which is uncommon for popular TikTok trends. But while the album art recreation trend has been kicking around since February, it has only really blown up in popularity over the last week or so.

Easily the most popular way to make an #AlbumLookAlike meme has been to recreate album art that features full body or face photos of celebrities. Whether it be TikTok about faking orgasms or waiters taking away your food before you’re done eating, each video is more inventive than the last.

But as the meme has bubbled along, people have somehow gotten even more creative with the photos they recreate — from replicating make-up for certain song covers all the way to becoming a question mark to suit the joke.

Even rapper Tyga got involved in the meme, using ‘Deuces’ — one of his own tracks — in a joke about having to give women unwanted attention.

God bless TikTok, honestly.