This Adelaide Catholic School Has Erected The Most Unfortunate Statue Of All Time


An Adelaide Catholic school has had to scramble to cover up a recently-erected statue of St. Dominic handing a loaf of bread to a child, on account of, uh, well… just look at it for yourself.

As one Instagram commenter wrote: “uhhhh”.

The statue, which attempts to commemorate one of the miracles of St. Dominic (the bloke was known for providing ample bread), was installed at Blackfriars Priory School just this week. Unfortunately, it appears that both school and statue-maker failed to take into account the unsavoury positioning of the loaf featured.

After the error was realised, the statue was quickly covered with a black sheet, and has now been totally fenced off from view. The Adelaide Advertiser understands that this was only after students had taken a number of inappropriate photos of the statue, which have since made it to social media.

Update on the new Blackfriar’s Statue… #shitadelaide

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We’d love to tell you how someone manages to spend presumably hundreds of hours carving an entire statue from stone only to miss a detail like this, but we haven’t yet been able to track down the artist responsible. We’ve reached out to the school for comment, and we’ll let you know if they get back to us.

For now, just remember that whatever mistakes you’ve made today, at least they’re not set in stone.

Feature images via Shit Adelaide.