People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Australian Music Opinions And Ooft, They’re Spicy

"People need to get over Bon Scott and ACDC."

ACDC Powderfinger Daryl Braithwaite unpopular music opinions phot

Generally, when ‘unpopular opinions’ are expressed on the internet, they fall into two camps: just blatantly offensive shit, or a belief that is actually widely held and accepted.

It’s almost refreshing to read a thread made out of genuinely unpopular opinions that are fairly innocuous, which brings us to this week. Yesterday, Twitter user @erstkate posed a relatively simple question to the internet: “What’s your unpopular Australian music opinion?”

Music fans swarmed like sharks on a drop of blood, and the answers began pouring in. “Powderfinger played insipid, boring music. As someone who lived in Brisbane in the mid-90s, this is essentially treason,” wrote Andy Thompson.

“‘Eagle Rock is the worst song ever,” offered up Erica, “And ‘The Horses’ is terrible.”

Daryl Braithwaite’s signature cover featured in quite a few answers (they must have read our passionate ode to how terrible it is) as did ACDC and Cold Chisel.

They weren’t the only bands that were singed by public opinion — Hunters & Collectors, The Go-Betweens, and INXS were also scorched.

There are the usual pot shots at triple j and Richard Kingsmill, as well as fiery discussions on whether Crowded House can even be considered an Australian band at all (they are).

Check out the full thread here, and for what it’s worth — we stand by our opinion that Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘The Horses’ is a bloody awful song.