The Oscars Have Added A New ‘Popular Film’ Category And The People Are Real Sceptical

"If that new "Popular Film" category at the Oscars keeps Black Panther out of the Best Picture race, expect backlash."

The Academy Awards, often acknowledged as one of the more prestigious award ceremonies along with the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, have announced some sweeping changes.

In a message to its membership, the group’s president John Bailey and its CEO Dawn Hudson have announced that the Oscars broadcast will now include a new category for outstanding achievement in popular film.

There’s currently no word on what movies would be eligible.

“While the details for a popular film category are still being finalised, a single film is eligible for an Oscar in both categories — outstanding achievement in popular film and the Academy Award for best picture,” they said, in a later statement.

“The new category will be introduced this coming year, at the 91st Oscars. In creating this award, the Board of Governors supports broad-based consideration of excellence in all films.”

Splitting “popular” films into a separate category from the ‘Best Picture’ slot is a decision which has been met with quite a bit of pushback, with people worried that the move is a huge step back for the legitimacy of genre films.