A Group Of Pauline Hanson Supporters Impersonated Muslims And Stormed A Church

A bold new campaign tactic.

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Members of the far-right Party for Freedom dressed in mock traditional Islamic clothing and gatecrashed a Sunday service at the Gosford Anglican Church over the weekend, before being booted out and heading to the pub to “celebrate”.  The church was targeted because of its strong public stance in support of refugees and multiculturalism.

The Party for Freedom supports Pauline Hanson and opposes multicultural immigration to Australia. It’s not clear yet why the group thought dressing in mock clothing and attempting to impersonate Muslims while barging into a church service would help strengthen their argument.

Father Rod Bower told the ABC that he knew some of the “protestors” and that they were Pauline Hanson supporters. “It was … just out of the blue, some of the congregation were quite upset,” Father Bower said. “I recognised one of the participants and clearly they weren’t Muslims — it was mock attire. I took a minute or so but I worked out who they were. I quietened the congregation down; they were a bit distressed.”

The group posted pictures on Facebook of them being interviewed by police before sharing a “celebratory drink”. It’s not clear what they were “celebrating”. The Gosford Anglican Church has received national media attention for the outspoken stances it has taken on a range of social justice issues.