A Furious Farmer From Rural NSW Has Dared Joe Hockey To Fight His Bull

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

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Luke Osborne is a farmer outside Bungendore, a small town in NSW about twenty minutes east of Canberra. George, his prize Angus bull, is an angry hormone-filled beast the size of a hatchback. Joe Hockey is the current Australian Treasurer and federal member for North Sydney.

Osborne wants George to meet Hockey so they can fight.

This is George. He is larger than Joe Hockey.

This is George. He is larger than Joe Hockey.

“Yeah, the challenge is out,” Osborne told the Canberra Times. “We’re just waiting for Mr Hockey to name the time and the place.”

Osborne’s call-out comes after Hockey told the Alan Jones Breakfast Show last week that he finds the wind turbines outside Canberra “utterly offensive”, and called them “a blight on the landscape”. Osborne happens to own the land those wind turbines are sitting on, and took umbrage at the Treasurer’s comments. So, apparently, did George, who lives quite happily amidst the turbines eating grass and probably goring smaller animals for fun.


This seems appropriate. 

“I think he’s about 800 kilos,” Osborne deadpans as George bellows in primal, visceral rage at everything in existence behind him. While Hockey has not yet responded to the invitation, there’s a pretty good chance that George is coming to destroy everything he holds dear whether he says yes or not.