More Than 100 Sydney Dancers Are Going To Be Taking Over Public Spaces This Month

If you've never heard of tutting,

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Brought to you by the Art & About and the City of Sydney.

If you’re wandering around the Sydney CBD on a Thursday or Friday afternoon over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for a solid 100 people standing in public spaces doing very interesting things with their hands. It probably won’t be an underground thumb war tournament, or even the world’s most energetic tai chi lesson — most likely it’ll be ‘TUT’, a new project from Sydney’s dance community.

The latest project from local dance troupe Shaun Parker & Company for the City of Sydney’s Art & About Sydney festival, ‘TUT’ is a flashmob-style showcase of tutting, the most interesting and innovative new dance style you’ve never heard of. Taking inspiration from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, tutting merges hip-hop, breakdancing and vogueing and has attracted increasing attention over the last few years through successful online videos.

Up to 100 local dancers have been roped in to large-scale demonstrations of tutting for the project, which will be hitting streets around Martin Place and Chinatown’s Dixon Street Plaza throughout April. So if you’re killing time in the CBD and you see a large group of people making strange shapes with their hands and fingers in carefully choreographed synch, don’t worry! They are probably just part of ‘TUT’. Either that or it’s a cult. Play it by ear.

What: Tut by Shaun Parker & Company (further info here)
When: Thursday, April 7 to Friday, April 22
Where: Pitt St Mall and Chinatown, Sydney

Brought to you by the Art & About and the City of Sydney.